Energy Monitoring Systems

Metal Isolators and Gi Boxes 1. Switch mounted in die cast aluminium enclosure with IP65 protection 2. Switch rear mounted for easy connection 3. Interlock provided to open the lid in OFF position 4. Enclosure Colour : Dark grey base and light grey cover 5. Red / Yellow handle colour 6. Approvals

Building Management Systems

Building Management System 1. 2 Core Bus cable 1x2x0.8mm Quad Green eca 2. 4 Core Bus cable 2x2x0.8mm Quad Green eca 3. Control Keypad in capacitive Technology 4. KNX glass thermostat with digital temperature probe 5. KNX Universal Interface 6. KNX Power Supply 7. KNX Gateway

Industrial & Home Automation Systems

Home Automation 1. Core Technologies – BMS 2. System Design & OEM Products 3. Network Infrastructure Products Gateways 4. Embedded Touch Panels 5. DALI Lighting Management Systems 6. Network Diagnostic and Analysis Tools

Wiring Accessories

Wiring Accessories 1. Smart Switch – WiFi and Touch 2. Brushed Chromes and Brass Screw less 3. Polycarbonate wide Rocker Screw less 4. Polycarbonate standard Screw less 5. Backlite with Screw Caps 6. Metal Clad 7. Weather Proof Range

Building and Installation Materials

AC CHARGER COMBO CHARGER DC CHARGER EV CHARGING SOLUTION 1. Innovation 2. Scalable 3. Flexibility 4. Smart Connectivity 5. Business Intelligence 6. Efficient Load Management 7. Low Maintenance 8. Customizable Solution

Lighting Systems

Power Quality Services 1. Reactive Energy / Power Quality Audits 2. EMI / EMC Audits 3. Earth leakage / NG voltage 4. R+ Range APFC panels 5. Simulation for Green field projects